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Darbe Cabinets specialise in the following materials: Caesar Stone, Marble, Granite, Laminate, Timber, Vinyl, and Imperite (2 pack).

During our first consultation we would like to get to know you better and how you envision your ideal kitchen. If you have a basic plan, we will go over it with you in full detail and review your requirements in your kitchen. We will also present a wide range of options that we can offer both stylistically and functionally.

We can take any existing concept and convert it to a perfect kitchen. Or we can start from scratch and design it for you based on your wishes. We will take into consideration the design requirements, your choice of materials and equipment, room specifications, and much more.

We offer a wide range of cabinetry materials and finishes so you have multiple options to choose from: wood veneers, matte and high gloss lacquer finishes – as well as wood grain laminates, black metal, bronze and brushed and polished nickel metal doors. We also have specialty items like nickel and bronze glass shelves, we also have a huge range of stone selections that will impress.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, Renovation or new, we can provide the best and trusted tips and advice for your project or renovation. Learn more about kitchen design and material options from Daryl at Darbe Cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Designs And Trends

Our world is frequently changing, and changing with it is always difficult. Bold traits of those who always search and explore new ways and solutions, for kitchen designs that does not follow trends, but rather sets the trend with innovation.
We at Darbe Cabinets will always offer modern solutions that are also practical and embrace the end user.

We carefully select only the industry best materials and surfaces to provide our clients and customers quality and a finish that both we and you will be proud of.
Each vendor is hand selected for a particular fit within our variety, quality, pricing, and customer request.

We at Darbe Cabinets appreciate and take every project seriously, no matter the cost we provide the same attention to detail and oversight to ensure the result is a job well done and exceeds your expectations.

Our services and scope of works for each project from design, purchase, build, delivery, installation, and even the maintenance phase is delivered without any fuss and pride.  Choose Darbe Cabinets and choose excellence.

Kitchens can be the most expensive and complicated room to renovate in your home, an average project costs upward of $20,000 and takes around eight weeks to complete, so ask all the right question when looking for the right contractor, and remember we are here to help – call Daryl on 0419 138 025

Darbe Cabinets are a kitchen cabinet makers situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We make cabinets to meet your personal requirements. Using only the best hardware and material available to make your project come to life. We control costs by remaining a small business but with high standards. We provide a free on-site measure and quote or from your dimensioned floor-plans.

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